Planning Your Vacation to Boca Raton FL

Make the most of your vacation in Boca Raton FL by viewing the city’s calendar of events. No matter what the season, there is always something to do in the beautiful city of Boca Raton Florida.

Boca Raton Florida is known for its class and elegance. Boca is home of some of the nation’s best shopping, dining, cosmetic surgeons, and beaches. Get to know Boca; there is something here for everyone.

Before packing for your trip, make sure to check the weather forecast for Boca Raton Florida.

Cosmetic Surgery

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) was founded in 1931 and is made up of more than 7,000 physician members and represents more than 94 % of all board-certified plastic surgeons in the United States who perform reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Breast implants are medical devices that are implanted under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle to increase breast size, which is known as a breast augmentation, or to rebuild breast tissue after mastectomy or other damage to the breast, which is known as a reconstruction.

Dr. Jonathan Ross Berman, cosmetic surgery specialist, offers the best breast augmentation in Boca Raton, FL. Dr. Berman will discuss the best options for your breast augmentation including what type of implant will work best for you, and what type of incision he recommends for the most natural looking outcome.

Restylane is often used for lip enhancement with impressive results. This treatment is known to last 6 months or more. No allergy testing is required making it possible to see immediate results.

Am I a good candidate for a face lift? The ideal candidate for a face lift is a woman or man, in over all good health, whose face and neck has begun to sag but still has relatively good skin tone. A patient with jowling and banding or fatty deposits in the neck is also a good candidate for a face lift.

A Chemical Peel erases many visible signs of aging on the face, hands, neck, and chest. After the skin heals, fewer wrinkles, less discoloration, and improved texture may be seen.

A bunion is a bony bump at the base of the big toe and causes it to deviate toward the others throwing foot bones out of alignment and producing the characteristic bump at the joint’s base. A bunion can be very painful due to pressure or arthritis. When pain relievers and custom shoe inserts no longer dilute the pain, bunion surgery may be necessary.  For the best bunion surgeon in FL, visit Dr. Kevin Berkowitz in Miami Florida.

Hair Restoration

Hair replacement surgery is done to fill in balding areas with a patient’s own hair. There are a variety of techniques, including scalp reduction, tissue expansion; strip grafts, scalp flaps, or clusters of punch grafts (plugs, miniplugs, and microplugs).

Involutional alopecia is a natural condition in which the hair gradually thins with age. More hair follicles go into the resting phase, and the remaining hairs become shorter and less in number. If you are suffering from Involutional alopecia, there are many different hair restoration options to choose from.