Successful hair restoration with advanced technology by Dr. Glenn Charles

Hi Alexia,

Thank you for sending the information. Once again thank you to you, Dr. Charles & to all of your staff. You all did and amazing job and I am recommending you to everyone interested in hair procedures


Good to hear from you and happy New Years! I have attached some pictures I took today. I am pretty happy with the results. Though I am unable to come back to the clinic anytime soon for a post-op review, I would be happy to hear Dr. Charles opinion of my results base upon these photos and the procedure performed.

As for the survey here are my answers:

1. I was very happy with the overall experience. I found the staff and the procedure to be well organized. Everyone was really happy and appeared to work well together. I would recommend this clinic and procedure to anyone seeking to address hair loss.

2. I am happy with the results achieved. I have more hair than I did before and can now style it without worrying about the visual effects of male pattern baldness. If I was totally honest I wish I had a bit more in a few places but really it is minor.

Hi Alexia, I have actually had three hair restoration visits with Dr. Charles. He is an amazing surgeon. The last visit was the best as far as results. To date, my hair is almost completly restored.

However, I might benifit from a forth procedure. I have beed debating on having another consultation with Dr. Charles. My hair is still a bit thin, but overall looks really good considering I was almost completly bald. One more procedure might just make me a great advertisement for him.

Where can we go from here?

WILL get some pictures extremely happy with my last visit…. dr charles needs a raise…. big smiles

Hi Alexia,

Everything was great! The photos I sent a few weeks back are accurate as to what my hair looks like now.

As for new areas, I am interested in the crown and the corners of my front hairline, possibly even bringing it a little bit lower.

Hi Alexia,

Sorry for the delay in following up – busy work schedule

I have been very happy with my experience and results. I would say the patient experience overall was excellent and Dr Charles has been very good with advice and encouragement. I have also recommended Dr Charles to 2 of my friends considering elective surgery as well.

Its possible that I will need some additional work done at some point but so far looks good – hair growing very nicely and I have concentrated on making sure to follow Dr Charles instructions as closely as possible.

If he has time for another followup happy to schedule one.

In my early 20’s and after years of embarrassing hair loss I had enough, I then found Dr. charles has a state of the art office and his staff who are so welcoming and warm actually care about the patients, not like other places (trust me on this).

They go over everything in detail. I knew when I walked in I found the best transplant facility in South Florida.

So after 2 transplants I am extremely happy with my results. If you’re thinking about doing this you’d be stupid not to pick Dr. Charles.

For anyone who has questions contact me I’ll be happy to help!

Will A.
Even though I’ve just finished with my procedure , I can say humbly that Charles medical Group exceeded in not only giving me and my mom the best experience I’ve ever had in a doctors room, but they also gave us the one thing we needed…hope. BH

Ivonne S.
Just had a hair transplant procedure one week ago and let me tell you how efficient and caring Dr. Charles and his team were! I visited several surgeons over the years and Dr. Charles was the most honest, compassionate, and artistic. If you want a solution to your hair loss needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Charles. You will not be disappointed!

Hair Patient
Great staff, knowledgeable Dr , worth it!

Paul M.
Dr. Charles is tops in field. My results came out great. My frontal hairline is completely restored. If Dr Charles thinks I would benefit from another one I would definitely consider it Dr Charles and staff make the procedure very good for the patient. I have already gotten four haircuts since the transplant because I like the way it looks a couple inches long and it seems to be getting thicker each time it grows in. I love the coverage and hairline Dr. Charles made, it is incredibly natural and more dense than I thought it would be. Forget about it the worst part is over! CHOOSING THE RIGHT DOCTOR! You are in good hands with Dr. Charles.

My hair has been growing in quite well. You can tell Dr. Charles that he has done a fine job. I feel much better about my hair, and I have gotten compliments from my family and friends. The results have definitely made me feel and look younger.
Everyone made me feel very comfortable while I was at the clinic.

So far everything is going great. My experience with Dr. Charles was a pleasure.
If my hair fills in even more over the next 4 to 6 months I will really be pleased.

Irked by baldness? Get a transplant After reading the recent article concerning hair loss and the various ways to remedy it, I had to respond . After years of agonizing over my fleeting hairline, I finally did something about it: I went for a transplant. It wasn’t cheap, but it was the best money I ever spent on my own vanity. Let’s face it, you don’t really need hair, but once you’ve had it, you don’t want to see it go.If you hate being bald then do it. It’s painless and it’s your own hair. They’re just moving some to places where it will do the most good. You’ve got nothing to lose but that bald spot.


I would like to first and foremost thank Dr. Charles for a great experience with my hair transplant & encourage anyone thinking about this procedure to go forth with it. I am 37 years old & for the past couple of years i’ve been slowly losing my hair & concerned my receding hair line was only getting worse. It was about 6-months ago when I met a friend for lunch & he explained the procedure Dr. Charles & his team performed on him in Boca Raton My friend had done extensive research & said he was the best Doctor to go with if i was thinking about it. I was a little surprised how well he looked since he had just had the procedure 2-weeks before – you couldn’t tell anything was done. A few month later I called for a consultation. I was able to quickly get an appointment, after meeting Dr. Charles & his staff & after feeling comfortable did some more research on my own. I decided Dr. Charles was the Doctor to go with. Less then 2-weeks later i found myself sitting down for the 4-hour procedure.

I truly had very little reservations because of how seamless my friend’s procedure was, the research I had done, & the confidence Dr. Charles had instilled in me. I had 1600 grafts implanted into my receding hairline. Besides 5 minutes of a little pain, I would describe it as a strong pinch, I was pain-free the next few hours. In all the procedure was less than 4.5 hours. I couldn’t believe within 5 minutes of sitting in the operating chair I was watching a movie on Netflix – the worst part of the procedure may have been the boredom of waiting for each graft to go in.

Dr. Charles and his staff were great throughout the entire experience – From the initial consultation, to the day of the procedure his entire team was dedicated to me. On the day of the procedure he and his team walked me through step-by-step what would take place & were very thorough The hardest part may have been the first night’s sleep – I was in a little pain (which i was told i would be in) & received a phone call from Dr. Charles that night checking up on me. I told him and he reassured me that the pain was normal & to follow the post-op steps and it would go away. All-in-all I would say I was in a little pain for the first couple days following – Sleeping on the back of my head was a little tough & making sure i cleaned the area correctly was a little stressful, but that was it. There were no surprises, everything went exactly as they said, & again I would recommend Dr. Charles to anyone looking to have the surgery.


Good morning to you ALL!

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience at Charles Medical Group!

I must admit, I’m so excited about the future of my hairline returning, I just don’t know what to do!

Saturday, September 12, 2015, I got my sutures taken out at (NAME OF CLINIC REDACTED) took my stiches out and he was truly amazed…so much so, that another doctor came in to see how well you stitched it together. Hell, I told them they should be paying me since they were dissecting his (Dr. Charles) work…lol. These doctors found it so amazing at how well I have healed in just a week…all I kept hearing was WOW, that’s neat, look at how he ran the stitch from ear to ear…I felt honored to have other doctors say how they have never seen work so defined as they did on my head. I gave out Dr. Charles name and information so tell him look out, here comes some more customers from my area. Dr. (NAME REDACTED) said he has to let his wife know about it because she’s thinning on top and this could benefit her as well.

Once again, I’m doing well….very, very excited about the future…I will keep you posted on my upcoming hair growth. Right now, I’m still pretty much scabbed up around my forehead.. a little of the scabs has fallen off near my temples. Around the first week in March (6 months anniversary) I will see some real results and I will be taking pictures to show you along the way to a full hairline. Speaking of pictures…may I have my before and after the surgery photo’s via email at my XXXXX email address. I just got promoted so please do not respond to my work email address for it will be changing very soon.

PS: Inform Dr. Charles, I still want to be a model for his work. I informed you Vanessa and other staff members I don’t mind assisting others and informing them of the process….so my success will always be your success as well…

Continue to be bless and keep up the good work!


Im 35 yrs old from Kuwait, I start loosing my hair when i was 28, Its something in the family, I was visiting USA and Miami so i thought it will be good idea to try hair transplant, I send email to Charles Medical Group and i got a fast feedback from Alexia she is so helpful and sweet lady she gave me an appointment thats fits my scheduled.

I set with the Dr Charles, He explain everything and we agreed for 1500 hair gifts,
The staff is awesome very kind caring professional staff, I set there while i was watching soccer in the TV and talking to the staff while they do there work, It was easy short experience and i can see i will have a positive result in short time, They gave me clear instructions to follow.

Thanks Dr Charles, Thanks to all of his staff.

Im glad to choice Charles medical group in Miami FL.

I would like to share this info to help others to choice the best for them.


Overall experience was great, great staff, comforting, and everyone went out of their way to explain what was going on, what was happening. I have no suggestions to improve the experience, like I said it was a great experience and I’d recommend the office to anyone thinking of getting the procedure done.

Results vary. I was thinning a lot in the front and had lost a large area in the back. I can say I do have a hair line in the front now, thin as was explained to me it would be. The back, is hit or miss it seems. It appears most the hair in the back did not stay as there is little coverage on the back, but that was also explained to be the thinner of the areas due to the number of graphs I did.

I can say that now I am using considerably less Topik to cover the thin and bald spots. Even on the back the hair that was graphed is making a massive difference. I’m finding the hair in back is lighters so I just don’t see it by the topik does have something to latch onto.

Extremely pleased with the results, its exactly as Dr. Charles said, there is no visible scaring, I’m extremely pleased with everything.

Thank you all again


I recently had a 1500 follicular unit graft hair transplant by Dr. Glenn Charles of the Charles Medical Group of Boca Raton, Florida. He and his staff were very professional throughout the entire procedure. It’s only been a few days since I had my procedure, but in that short time period, I have experienced little to no discomfort. The grafts look great and the re-constructed hairline looks natural.

I spent several months researching hair transplant surgeons in my area. Dr Charles was one of the only surgeons in my area with the experience and professionalism I look for in surgeons. Additionally, when I was presented with procedure options, I never felt pressured or obligated. Dr Charles and his staff were always honest and professional. I am looking forward to my results.

Thank you Dr. Charles!!


Im 39 years old and i had 6 transplants back in the early 90′s that i was really unhappy with. I waited this long to face my fear and go back to trying to fix them. I picked dr charles based on his love and passion for his work. It was so much different (in a good way) than before. I would have told anyone to stay away from hair transplants untill i met my buddy pal glen charles. Whenever i asked him a question about hair, his face lights up and he becomes so into it . I knew at that point i wanted him to work on me. Also he is a very cool guy. As far as how my hair will look, it will be limited because of all the bad transplants prior. However i think it will look much better. I would say now is the time to get hair transplants, between technology and great doctors it is safe to make the plunge


Thank you for checking up on me. I am definitely starting to feel growth. It’s slow and I have periods where I feel a little concerned about my results but overall I am super excited to see how it ends up. I’m sending you a before and after picture. I think it’s going to end up really awesome!

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Thank you for reaching out. I am extremely happy with the results. I could come in and see the doctor on one of my trips to Boca I make about every month next time I will schedule and stop by if you guys want to take pictures or whatever for your file. I would like the doctor to analyze my results as well.

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I’m 46 and balding pretty bad. The shedding has been severe the past few years mostly due to stress and bad diet. I promised myself as soon as my business turned around I was going to invest in myself. Fortunately my business took off and I was on my way to a few upgrades.

I first had buccal fat removed to thin out my chipmunk face mostly due to steroids I used when I was younger. I was extremely happy with Dr. Will (Will Surgical Arts in MD).

I then had a Vampire Facelift using PRP and micro needling at the BioStation in Delray Beach Fla. This procedure smooths the skin out and helps reduce wrinkles. I was very happy with the results and plan to return there in February for another procedure.

In Nov 2015 I had an insane month in sales and decided to treat myself to a transplant. My brother in law had the strip done with good results but I didn’t want the scar on the back of my head. I know I know you can’t see it.

I have lived in the Washington DC area and have many friends in the medical realm. I was referred to a couple different doctors whom I had consultations with. One flat out did not use FUE and the other left me feeling like he was not passionate about his work. Both places had a friendly staff but a fake friendly.

I started reading in the forums about various doctors and ran across Dr Glenn Charles. Most reviews were positive with a couple negatives. One thing I know is you can’t please some people no matter what you do. I decided to probe a little more and give the Charles Medical Group a call. I spoke with Alexia whom went over the process and pricing. She said she could schedule a quick FaceTime session with Dr Charles which I agreed to. Within a few hours Dr Charles was looking at my head and going over my expectations. He seemed to have a genuine interest in his work. He kept my expectations realistic. I was not leaving the procedure looking like Fabio. He answered all my questions with confidence and left me feeling like I would be in good hands.

It really didn’t take me to long to pull the trigger and schedule my procedure. Within a couple weeks I was on a plane to get my first transplant. The day prior to the treatment I stopped by the office to pick up prescriptions and go over do’s and don’ts. One of which was not to drink the night before. Well I didn’t listen and had 3 glasses of wine that night thinking 3 glasses isn’t much. This would haunt me to some degree.

The day of the procedure I walked in and was greeted by a friendly staff. The all seemed very happy and fun. This is huge! As a business owner I can walk into a place and tell just by the vibe I get from employees what kind of management they are under. You can tell Dr Charles treated his team like family. Meaning he cared for them and was not about making money and the bottom line…..

Next, Dr. Charles talked with me in detail about the process. We sat in front of a mirror with a marker and drew in my new hairline. He asked me where would I like my hair line. I pointed to the upper part of my forehead and he quickly said Alan you’re not 18 so lets be realistic. It wouldn’t look natural having a hairline there. We want it to be as natural as possible. I said I trusted his judgement and to draw it as he felt would look best.

Next we went in another room and took before pics after they shaved my head. It felt weird having no hair at all. Dr. Charles then numbed my head and began making the tiny incisions for where the grafts will go. This is where his skill comes to play. This process took about 40 minutes then I was moved to the Artas room where he setup the machine to perform the extractions. This part took a few hours and I needed to have numbing injections more often then they were use to giving and this was probably from my drinking wine the night before as it was wearing off quickly. Now I will say the doctor was not there the whole time nor did he need to be, his staff was there to perform the tedious task of removing all 1900 grafts from the Artas and preparing them for transplant. The Artas is programed to remove the grafts so there really isn’t much here for the doctor to do. I saw a negative post stating they were upset the doctor was not there throughout the whole procedure which I think is absurd.

Next we went into another room where all the grafts were placed where all the incisions were made. This again is where my drinking hurt me and Dr Charles. My blood was thin and they had to stop often to wipe of the blood which made the whole process take much longer than it should have. After a couple hours of having my hairs relocated they took after shots and made it very clear of things I could and could not do. I listened this time!

That night I slept fairly upright trying no to bother my new hairs. The next day I went back to the office to have Jessica wash my hair.

My experience there was fantastic. You could tell the team was like a big family. The positive energy and laughter made the experience almost fun less the pain. lol

I’m super busy with very little spare time but felt compelled to write about my positive experience with Dr Charles and his team. I would certainly recommend him and plan to go back next year for a second round seeing I will need at minimum 4,000 grafts.

I did suffer from hair shock but not concerned since my brother in-law suffered from it too and now has full head of hair 7 moths later. I created a program listed below to help maintain and hopefully grow thicker hair. I will add new pics every month or so to show my progress.

Saw Palmetto 1,500mg daily
Ashagonda 500mg daily Helps lower Cortisol Levels
Rhodiola 500mg daily Helps lower Cortisol Levels
Biotin 5,000mg daily
Pumpkin Seed Oil 1,000mg daily
B5 50mg daily May already be in your multivitamin
Zinc 20mg daily may already be in your multivitamin
Omega 3 2,000mg daily
L-Cysteine 60mg daily Do not use Acetyl Cysteine

Laser helmet couple times a week.

Withheld for Privacy

Hope all is well.

Overall experience was great, great staff, comforting, and everyone went out of their way to explain what was going on, what was happening. I have no suggestions to improve the experience, like I said it was a great experience and I’d recommend the office to anyone thinking of getting the procedure done.

Results vary. I was thinning a lot in the front and had lost a large area in the back. I can say I do have a hair line in the front now, thin as was explained to me it would be. The back, is hit or miss it seems. It appears most the hair in the back did not stay as there is little coverage on the back, but that was also explained to be the thinner of the areas due to the number of graphs I did.

I can say that now I am using considerably less Topik to cover the thin and bald spots. Even on the back the hair that was graphed is making a massive difference. I’m finding the hair in back is lighters so I just don’t see it by the topik does have something to latch onto.

Extremely pleased with the results, its exactly as Dr. Charles said, there is no visible scaring, I’m extremely pleased with everything.

Thank you all again

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Hi, my hair looks great!!! I am so happy with dr. Charles work . I will be in touch with you to come in get evaluated

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Thanks for following up. I was very happy with the results as well as my procedure. I am definitely interested in doing another procedure but I am considering the Artas. I know the Dr.Charles performs this surgery so I will be contacting your office in the future.

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Thanks for the note and sorry for the delay. I appreciate you checking in. I feel like things are looking pretty darn good. I’m going to give it another month or so and then perhaps check in again. I’m pretty happy right now with the results. Of course, I will check in down the road and let you know how things are, and whether I’d like some more work done.

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I just left my barber… I see him every other week and yes, every other week I’m asking him if he sees anything. It’s starting :)

I thought it would be faster as probably everyone thinks but I’m happy. Can’t wait to see how this goes…

Thank you so much for checking in… That’s above and beyond

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Erik Coleman

I’m doing well thank you.. I had a great experience Dr Charles was great.. I’m a happy customer and have already passed his info to a few of my friends.


Hi Maureen,

I hope all is well. Everything is good here and the new hair looks great, thank you! I’m very pleased with Dr Glenn and his staff. Please pass that along to him.

Anyway, I will be in touch in the future as I consider another go… it looks good!


Hello Maureen,>

Nice to hear from you. I came in at the six month point and had photos taken. The hair is all filled in and I am very happy with it. I tell those who are interested in hair transplant to go to Dr. Charles as he is the best!


Hi Maureen,

I am still thrilled with everything Dr. Charles and staff have done. I am very pleased with my results and will most likely come back to add thickening and coverage, however, that will not happen until after my daughters wedding next year. With engagement parties, showers and then the Wedding, there is just too much going on.

I still maintain that it was the best money I ever spent and I would never have anyone but Dr. Charles perform this procedure. I have been telling quite a few people, but they are all procrastinators, like I was. They will eventually come around.

I will definitely stop by the next time I’m in the area for Dr. Charles to take a look. I have a trade-show in February next year in Fort Lauderdale, so I’m going to try and make it up to see him if I can’t do it before then.

Thanks for everything and feel free to refer me to potential patients.


Hi Maureen,

Thank you for your email. I am doing very well. Everything healed in good time and I had no issues. I had a great experience with you guys and would definitely return if needed. My results are looking good. I am still seeing continued growth which is exciting. Thanks again.


Hi Maureen,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help over the past few months. You certainly made this a painless process! Please pass on my thanks to everyone at the office as well. Dr Charles and his staff were outstanding! Both the procedure and the recovery have been far better than expected. Thanks again for everything


I am doing well. The hair line looks great! I would give all of you a perfect score, I don’t feel the treatment could be done better or more comfortably. I think Dr Charles is a pretty cool guy, and awesome at what he does!

I would like to come over and see the doctor, lets set something up. Thank you for the follow up.


Hi Maureen: Love the result. As usual, pretty busy. I will try to get you some photos.


My overall experience has been great! I do not have any improvement for the office. I am very Happy! Dr. Charles and the office is the best!!!



I appreciate you checking back with me. I could not be more satisfied with my results thus far. The effect is profound and has surpassed my expectations. My overall experience with Dr. Charles and his staff has been very satisfactory and I have no complaints. I’ve been pushing my twin brother to undergo the procedure as well. I will try and send updated photos when I get a chance.


I had a procedure on 9/11. So far everything is growing in and my work partner who paid the same price to a huge national company comments daily on my density compared to his. I am actually stunned that the disparity is as much as it is, He feels like he got ripped off. Guess he should’ve listened when I said go see Dr. Charles.


Hey there Maureen, I can’t believe it has been a year already.

I honestly can’t think of any suggestions. It was a great experience and results. I will send you some pictures soon. I think there may still be some thickening or growth as I think I still see some short hairs coming in and the hair feels a little prickly, like new stumbles or something. No plans on any follow up procedures anytime soon. I want to see if it thickens anymore and how the rest of my hair does the next few years.

Thanks for reaching out! Happy Holidays!


I’m happy with the result and am enjoying the change in my appearance. I’m in town in early February and would like to come in then..


My hair has been growing in quite well. You can tell Dr. Charles that he has done a fine job. I feel much better about my hair, and I have gotten compliments from my family and friends. The results have definitely made me feel and look younger. Everyone made me feel very comfortable while I was at the clinic.


So far everything is going great. My experience with Dr. Charles was a pleasure. If my hair fills in even more over the next 4 to 6 months I will really be pleased. If I need more touch ups in the future you can be assured that Dr. Charles will get my business



I had 3 prior hair transplant surgeries over the recent years and I believe they were done pretty well. Had hair growth but nothing too overwhelming. The plugs were large and consequently came with large scabbing with slowing healing. The clinical experience seemed fair as well.

I am very optimistic my nature and always see the glass “half full” so really I have no real complaints regarding all prior surgeries. However, now that I have had the “DCE” effect recently on 3-20-12, I will never be the same. Lets keep it simple, the effect is as follows:

Very organized planning before your day of surgery

A Medical office (of many) is in Fort Lauderdale = sunshine baby!!!!

Extremely pleasurable staffing that greets you the day of the surgery.

Surgery is done very professionally! The docs is very informative, the best in the business, gives you all the best “optimal” options, based on interests and budgets.

The process is awesome. You watch a film during the whole process, other than the initial pinch of the pain medication injection, the process in pretty painless. Instead of being understaffed, he has so much help that everything is done timely which is very important when talking to the integrity of hair graphs.

The uniqueness of his staff is, even with 5-9+ people working the process, they are in complete and utter symphony – meaning they are a very VERY experienced STAFF.

The true satisfaction: The graphs are positioned and placed with such meticulous detail, you cannot believe you cannot see much scabbing or insertion of the graphs. If you have a point of reference with prior surgeries (as I do), you’ll be blow away as to the difference.

The scar from the donor area. “What scar? What donor area? Did he even go back there? Of course he did…. but his ability to stitch it back up, the way he does it…virtually detection less…is the most amazing thing…

And he’s Dr. with humor and personality…..

I could go on for days….but lets cut to the chase…what is “The DCE”.. that would be “The Dr. Charles Experience” w/ the Charles Medical Group in Boca Raton Florida…

Almost done…..what about cost…..lets put it this ways…the “The DCE” effect never ends….best pricing in the business… If that wasn’t enough, the Doc asked me to call him when I landed at the airport back from surgery that day- regardless if it was past midnight…so a doctor that really cares about you!!!!!

I couldn’t possible say anything else except the negatives: Where the hell was he 4 years ago when I started the surgeries??????

Robert D.

I wasn’t satisfied with the fullness of my beard so I opted for a facial hair transplant in late 2010. Even thought the end result was okay, I spent six to eight weeks (immediately after the procedure) recovering from a mild infection and chronic inflammation of the transplant area.

So…when I decided to go for a second round of transplants I did my research and spent some time picking the right specialist for the job. In late January of this year, I went to Dr. Glenn Charles for an additional 1,990 grafts to my beard. Not only did he personally answer all of my questions leading up to the procedure, his staff was also very professional and friendly.

Well, it’s a month or so after the second procedure with Dr. Charles and I can’t say enough about how well things turned out. The visit to his office in Boca Raton (traveling from Pittsburgh) was a pleasure. Again, his staff was professional and very friendly. Dr. Charles walked me through each step of the transplant process, answering my questions as he worked and providing excellent care. Nobody likes to have a medical procedure, even when its cosmetic, but Dr. Charles and his staff made me feel comfortable and well taken care of.

I highly recommend Dr. Charles and his staff of gifted professionals. I’ll be sure comment on the final result of the transplant later this year when the new hairs start to grow back. I have no doubt I’d go back to him again, if I ever decided to do more grafts.



Thanks for the great service, and If I need more in a couple of years you can be assured Dr. Charles is where I will have it done. Thanks again.


My overall experience was great. Dr. Charles was easy to talk to, precise and professional. I felt very comfortable. The results are fantastic, just as I wanted, and people ask me what I did to change my hairstyle without being able to accurately take a guess (i.e. new hair cut, etc.). I don’t tell them because I feel that it is a private matter, of course. I do want to add that I did experience significant ‘shock loss’ which I was not prepared for, emotionally speaking. It occurred about two or three weeks after surgery and took about two months to grow back completely with the added surplus from the surgery.If I am heading down to Boca, I will call in advance to see if we can do some follow up photos.


I have had good results. The spacing was a little sparse at first and I still had to keep the area covered, but 18 months later it seems to be a little better, or the hair a little thicker now, so while it doesn’t quite look like the rest of my hair it doesn’t look unnatural at all. So I would describe my results as good to great. Excellent job by Dr. Charles and as of now I am all set with future services.


Thank you very much for your attention. I am very happy with the results of the surgery. After 3 months only I already have full hair coverage in all the affected areas and don’t need to use the hair clips like I used to do for many years. Please give my beast regards to Dr. Charles and the team. They have done an incredible job and have brought back my confidence and smile


My overall experience with Dr. Charles was excellent. I’ve seen a great improvement in coverage and can say that I’m happy to have had the surgery done with Dr. Charles. Dr. Charles was an easy person to talk to and he made me feel completely at ease. Apart from the fact that I think he did a great job, his approach to the financial settlement was easy. He even asked me whether I thought the price was right! After having had a poor experience with Bosley, which I thought were far too financially driven with a low success rate in hair coverage, my experience with Dr. Charles was great. I am at this point not considering any further thickening. With a little help from Toppik, I’ve got a good coverage.


Thanks for your email. In fact I have noticed some considerable growth since a month ago. If I am going to expect more then I am definitely looking forward to the next few months! So far so good with me and I am happy with the progress. When the time comes I’ll be doing the 2nd procedure. I’ll try to stop by at Dr. Charles’s office to verify results.


The Real Truth:

Before selecting a doctor like anything I do I reach it to the MAX weather it is a product, Dr. or anything. Being in technology usually I can dig up some type of bad review/problem/dirt on someone. I must stay Dr. Glenn M. Charles totally came up clean and was praised by everyone legitimate who used him. But you will always find that one person to say something bad and they never can explain why so I just disregard. I went in for a free consultation met with Dr. Charles he didn’t play any games, no pressure, no used car sales tactics or ambiguities or omissions. He was just straight up front this is what you are going to get and this is what you should expect and this is my portfolio of real clients and told me I should shop around if I like. Believe me he is not hurting for business that tells you something. How refreshing this was and how all business should be done… I just had my hair transplant surgery 2216 grafts… Anyone who has been contemplating about taking the leap and having this surgery done, let me tell you… The surgery is child’s play!!! It is so easy, pain free you are much worst off going to the dentist and having a cavity drilled and crown put in. The day of the surgery you come in meet with Dr. Charles go over the procedure and he shows you exactly what he is going to do. You than lay back and relax in a surgery chair with your TV remote control. Dr Charles quickly numbs your head and I mean you feel nothing. His team who I can tell really liked working with each other; most of them have been together for over 10 years with Dr Charles. The procedure took about 4 hours they bought me lunch and I actually started to doze off I was just so relax felt like getting a head message. When they finished Dr. Charles went over everything thoroughly with me and insisted that I call him on his cell with any questions it doesn’t get much better than that. The only problem I experienced was the night of the surgery at bedtime. I had a lot of discomfort with the back of my head trying to sleep lying on the sutures but not bad for the payoff. Bottom Line “GREAT JOB” Dr. Charles and if I knew it was going to be this easy I would have done this procedure years ago. VERY HAPPY CLIENT!!!


I had my implants and I wanted to let you know they were great. I believe I will be happy this time around. Your staff was very nice. They worked very hard and I was impressed. Thanks again. Can’t wait till hair comes in. I will be recommending your services to others.


Hi Dr. Charles,

I have a new girlfriend. That doesn’t seem like a big deal except that she’s the third since last October. Before my hair restoration, most women wouldn’t even look at me ( well, most women who were attractive.) Since having the restoration, it’s like it was for me twenty or thirty years ago, even better. It seems that in most instances women prefer men who are older, that is if they are men with hair on their heads!! Believe it or not, it’s true. I met Ms. “A” last October on a blind date from an internet dating site. That alone was an accomplishment because most women wouldn’t even agree to meet me after looking at my pictures with a bald head. We hit it off right away, but there were some family difficulties to begin with which may not have been a problem except for Ms. “B”, a former student of mine ( my own age group), who took advantage of the situation and was able to nudge me away from Ms. “A” into her own court. It lasted with Ms. “B” until the beginning of July. I went back online, and almost immediately hooked up with Ms. “C”, who found me first! We went out on our first date last week, and the second last night, and I can safely say that if there isn’t a commitment yet, there will be one very shortly. The point is if I didn’t have your procedure done, this all would have been nothing more than a wet dream, instead of reality. It really did change my life! All the best.


Just wanted to drop you a note from lovely Hawaii. I can’t believe how good a little hair can make you feel. Enclosed is a recent photo. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? You did an outstanding job. My hairline looks so natural. My friends can’t believe it. I got rid of the glasses and I feel at least 15 years younger. It took me a while to actually come in and see you but now I am so glad I did. I don’t think people can really understand how wonderful a hair transplant can be until they actually do it. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! And, I’m going to take advantage of every moment. I’m off to hit the surf. Again, thanks so much for the great job. ALOHA!!!!


Wayne K

It’s now been about 6 months since my hair transplants surgery. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. The entire experience has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Your staff is both courteous and professional. The surgery itself was painless and there was little or no discomfort during the recovery phase. I was able to return to work the very next day! In short, it has been the single best thing I have done for myself. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I eagerly look forward to my next session.

Dr. S. Bass

I couldn’t be more pleased than I am with the Charles Medical Group after two microsurgical hair restoration procedures. Each was highly successful thanks to the skill of Dr. Charles and his assistants. From pre to post operation, I was in the hands of competent, caring professionals. If and when I need to undergo another procedure, I’ll be flying right back to Boca Raton and the offices of Dr. Charles.

BF, San Juan, Puerto Rico

As a plastic surgeon myself, I was very concerned and cautions in my research for a hair restoration doctor. Knowing a number of world famous surgeons, there were plenty of doctors promising various results. I knew personally, I wouldn’t be happy with a “pluggy”, “Barbie doll” look. I ultimately decided on Charles Medical Group, not only due to his credible reputation among other hair transplant surgeons, but also because of his exceptional knowledge and skilled technique. His technique of microfollicular units and slit incisions is the latest state of the art technique. It provided me with and extremely natural appearing result and very minimal recovery time. I have recommended Dr. Charles to many of my patients and colleagues interested in hair restoration.

Dr. Ernest DiGeronimo

I want to express my thanks to Charles Medical Group and let others know about my excellent experience. Dr. Charles took a personal interest in me. He listened to my expectations and spent hours answering my questions. I was nervous about the idea of surgery, but Dr. Charles and his entire staff ‘s professionalism and friendliness put me at ease. The atmosphere in the surgery room was very relaxing. I had no trouble at all with the surgery itself, or the days following the procedure. It’s now been almost a year since my last (of two) procedures. The results are dramatic, and I couldn’t be more pleased. My grafts are perfectly natural and undetectable. I want to thank Dr. Charles for his personal attention his fine staff for helping me restore my confidence.


I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the first two hair graft procedures. The procedure was almost painless and hardly noticeable. The results are gradual but amazing, It’s as though you reversed the aging process. I look younger and feel more confident. I should have done this years ago! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top of my head.


What a truly remarkable experience coming to the Charles Medical Group! My hair has been receding for the last 12 years and has been exceedingly more difficult to manage over time. I made the decision to seek hair restoration, did the research and chose Dr. Charles. I am 45 years old and live in Michigan. I came in on a Friday night. Dr. Charles graciously agreed to a Saturday surgery, and I was back home Sunday night. I followed his prospective instructions and expected major discomfort after the anesthesia wore off. Much to my surprise, I can absolutely attest that I experienced no pain during or after surgery. I would encourage anyone that is experiencing hair loss to talk to Dr. Charles about their options. Six months ago, I would have never dreamed the results would be this dramatic.


I felt 100% confident with my decision to have Charles Medical Group perform my hair restoration procedure. Patient satisfaction was the biggest issue I was searching for. I did a lot of research and spoke with several patients and ultimately decided upon Dr. Charles. His firm is very reputable. His staff was extremely helpful and comforting before, during and after procedure. During my surgery, the doctor was and relaxed. I’ll be completely honest … the surgery was NOT painful at all for me. You have no idea how scared I was going into the surgery. I was expecting terrible pain, but was pleasantly surprised when there was no pain. To begin the surgery, they numbed my head by giving me a series of injections on my forehead and back of head area. This wasn’t painful at all, just a bit uncomfortable. It was mostly due to my anxiety, since I am not a “fan” of needles at A. He was finished with the injections after about 5 10 minutes …. then it was over. The procedure itself was really no problem for me. I honestly didn’t have any pain after the surgery either. I was worried about sleeping on my donor area, but it turned out to not be an issue at all. My procedure lasted approximately 5 6 hours. However, that includes pre operative preparation, breaks and lunch. He has tons of movies you can watch during surgery, so the time flies by. I was able to sleep during most of my surgery. Dr. Charles seems to be comparable to most other doctors in the United States in regards to pricing. I wasn’t so much concerned with the price of the surgery, but was mainly concerned with his exceptional skills. I have never experienced a medical staff that was so attentive to my EVERY need. Before the date of surgery, I had many questions and was extremely surprised that Dr. Charles personally took my phone calls. In addition, I cannot say enough how comfortable the office staff and surgical assistants made me feel at ease.

Dan McDermott

I want to sincerely thank you for a job well done! The results so far have been above and beyond my expectation! My hair loss has been very traumatic over the last few years, but thanks to you Dr. Charles my nightmare is about to end. From the initial consultation, to the surgery and now 8 months post operative you and your staff have been first class! With the state of the art techniques and professionalism at Charles Medical Group no man or woman should suffer baldness or thinning! I would recommend your services to anyone at all! Thank you again for your attention to detail, your skill, and most of all your compassion. Please feel free to use me as a reference if needed. See you in a few months for another procedure!


Dr. Charles is tops in field. My results came out great. My frontal hairline is completely restored. If Dr Charles thinks I would benefit from another one I would definitely consider it Dr Charles and staff make the procedure very good for the patient. I have already gotten four haircuts since the transplant because I like the way it looks a couple inches long and it seems to be getting thicker each time it grows in. I love the coverage and hairline Dr. Charles made, it is incredibly natural and more dense than I thought it would be. Forget about it the worst part is over! CHOOSING THE RIGHT DOCTOR! You are in good hands with Dr. Charles.