Dr. Glenn Charles brings the ARTAS® Hair Transplant procedure to Boca Raton, Florida and the Southeastern portion of the United States. ARTAS® Robotic Assisted Follicular Unit Extraction is known to be the latest technology in hair transplant surgery.

The ARTAS® Hair Transplant is a computer assisted, image guided procedure that is controlled by the physician. The ARTAS® system is comprised of the most sophisticated imaging technology to cover the follicular units on your head. The focus is to create a natural looking head of hair with minimal downtime.

The ARTAS® Hair Transplant is a product of nearly a decade of research and development by leaders of the restoration industry. The robotic system that is used in the ARTAS® Hair Transplant focuses its surgical performance on three key areas: robotic precision, control & reproducibility.


  • Calculations in real time for each of the thousands of follicular units that may be dissected in a single procedure
  • System pinpoints the location of each follicular unit on the patient’s scalp and targets it for dissection at the appropriate angle of approach
  • Efficient and consistent harvesting of follicular units with robotic precision


  • Provides information and tools to apply skill with greater speed and precision
  • Allows physician to adjust key parameters such as puncture depth, coring depth, speed & angle


  • Low transaction rates
  • The ARTAS® Robotic System consistently produces quality grafts
  • Quality grafts enhance transplant survival rates

Patient Experience:

More than 30 million American men are candidates for hair restoration. Only a small fraction actually chose the procedure. The uncertainty about the procedure results and long recovery time may be a roadblock for many prospective patients. These days, more and more candidates are requesting a procedure which reaps the benefits of being minimally invasive, safe and consistent.

The ARTAS® Hair Transplant is minimally invasive, which gives physicians the ability to build patient confidence with natural outcomes and fast recovery times.

The advantages of the ARTAS® Hair Transplant:

  • Precision & consistency
  • Reduced treatment time
  • Less discomfort
  • Fast healing time
  • Increased precision of harvesting and survival of grafts
  • Higher number of follicular units in one session
  • No linear scarring

After your ARTAS® procedure, the donor region will be healed after about one week with improvement in the recipient area in as little as six to twelve months.

Clinical Excellence:

After rigorous testing in clinical trials, the ARTAS® Robotic System received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration in 2011. In addition, Canadian Medical Device License, CE Mark certificate for the European Union and KFDA (Korea) clearance were received in 2012. Additional foreign regulatory clearances are pending.

The ARTAS® procedure is FDA-cleared for light skinned and dark haired men. Men with light hair will be asked to dye their hair darker 3 days prior to their scheduled ARTAS® procedure for maximum results.