Giving Back – True Story of Identical Twins’ Hair Transplantation

On Thursday June 14th 2012 Alex and Austin, identical twin brothers, underwent hair transplant surgery. Seven years ago in 2005, Alex was diagnosed with brain cancer and after months of treatment Alex had lost most of his hair and he has lived with this hair loss ever since. As such, the easy answer was to undergo a hair transplant procedure in order to re-grow his natural hair. In order for hair transplants to be successful the hair needs to be 100% genetically identical to the receiver, but unfortunately the cancer treatments had made it impossible for Alex to find a donor area on his head. This is where Austin comes in; because they are 100% genetically identical Austin was able to donate hairs from his head to be transplanted into his brother’s. With the help of Dr. Charles, the transplant was completed and over the next 6 to 12 months we will be awaiting the tranformative results of this truly remarkable story.